We envision a world where human sexuality is not a taboo, and where all people benefit from sexuality education to empower them to engage in healthy, safe and respectful relationships, regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation.

The world is changing, and in many circles, human sexuality is more discussed than it once was.  But not everywhere and not often enough. 

In communities living in social vulnerability across the world, lack of access to quality sexuality education and limited economic opportunities often engender sexual violence, gender discrimination, and unwanted pregnancies that further propagate the cycle of poverty. These are exactly the type of communities with whom TabuTabu partners to co-create relevant app-based sexuality education programs for children, youth and adults.

Want to help scale social change through sexuality education?

We’re on a mission to empower grassroots NGOs in Latin America with contextually-relevant sexuality education programs that tackle their communities’ most pressing sexual and reproductive health and rights concerns.