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For a moment...

forget everything you think you know about your relationship to sex & sexuality.

Now imagine a world where talking about sex(uality) doesn’t make anybody feel uncomfortableashamed, or scared.

That’s what we do:




to dismantle the taboos around sex and sexuality by examining and unlearning unhelpful internalized beliefs and defining new attitudes towards bodies, pleasure and human connection based on understanding, empathy and respect.

Now imagine
What we’re about
Conscious individuals.
Connected relationships.
Thriving communities.
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You, too, can TabuTabu.

Address and dismantle the taboos in your circles. Unlearn. Relearn. Learn.

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Our Story

From Europe, to the Americas, to the world, our story is one of travel, of truly talking, of teaching, of learning.... and of unlearning, too.

Tackling taboos on your end and ours.

When you TabuTabu, you also support our sexuality education initiatives in Brazil and Honduras.

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