We’re all about tackling taboos around human sexuality.

No more awkwardly avoiding or getting nervous when talking about sex(uality).

Why? Because conversations can shift perspectives, and foster tolerance, empathy, and inclusion.

We’re on a mission to normalize healthy dialogue about sex & sexuality.

Thriving communities.
Connected relationships.
Conscious individuals.
Do Community.

Our products help you spread positive and empowering reminders, and prompt conversations that need to be normalized.

Do More.

Your purchases support our sex- and pleasure-positive sexuality education initiatives for youth and women in Brazil and Honduras.

Do Planet.

Your orders are printed on-demand specifically for you, creating less waste than conventional manufacturing.


You, too, can TabuTabu.

Address and dismantle the taboos in your circles.

Normalize talking. Make a statement. Be an ally.

Are you human? Great, we’ve got you covered: Tickles & Tips is your weekly dose of food for thought to dismantle the internalized taboos around sexuality so many of us have been socialized with.

We invest 30% of our net profits.

Your purchases contribute to our sexuality education initiatives for women and youth in Brazil and Honduras.


From Europe, to the Americas, to the world, our story is one of travel, of making time to truly talk, of teaching, of learning.... and of unlearning, too.

We leverage community spaces to unpack taboos around human sexuality together. Join the conversation @TabuTabuTalk

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