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We believe all people and communities deserve to benefit from pleasure-based, comprehensive sexuality education, and be free of the shame and guilt imposed by sexuality-related taboos.
Thriving communities.
Connected relationships.
Conscious individuals.

We partner with NGOs and their communities in Brazil and Honduras to co-create sexuality education programs that tackle their most pressing sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) concerns. Our partner organizations, the learners, and our team define the priorities and develop the programs to suit their context.

We partner with NGOs

Why Sexuality Education in Latin America?

Although comprehensive sexuality education has been shown to increase gender equity, improve healthy communication in relationships, and reduce intimate partner violence and childhood sexual abuse, it has been politicized and is opposed by conservative forces in Latin America.


Communities living in social vulnerability are most affected by lack of access to information, thereby propagating the cycle of poverty further.

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Our Impact Initiatives

TabuTabu Impact centers:

Community Involvement

All program development centers around co-creation; the learners themselves define the program priorities and we rely on community-based research and on-going meaningful participation throughout.

Existing Networks

We partner with established NGOs to leverage their standing in their communities, and design programs to fit their operational framework to ensure suitability and long-term sustainability.


We involve contributors with different intersecting identities in program development and content creation to make the programs as unbiased, contextually relevant, and constructive as possible.

Our Impact Partners

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